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  • Free delivery of funeral
  • flowers and plates in Dijon

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Pompes funèbres Dijon

Our services
Whether you choose burial or cremation, we are here to assist you in planning a funeral and choosing the options that suit your family needs and your loved one wishes.

Quality suppliers
Our suppliers have been carefully selected taking into consideration their good reputation and the quality of products and service they provide across France and Europe.

Our fleet
Our fleet of funeral vehicles allow for the transport of the deceased pior to and after the casketing.
All of our hearses are maintained to the highest standards and have undergone a complete top-notch conversion carried by Ducarme (leading funeral hearse specialist).

Gift shop
Our gift shop is located downtown. Browse our showroom and shop for artificial flowers, funeral plates, vases and ceramic items.

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Funeral services

  • Burials
  • Cremations
  • Paperwork
  • Funeral contracts
  • Body presentation care


  • Customized funeral plates
  • Classic funeral plates
  • Artificial flowers
  • Ceramic items

Free delivery across Dijon

Funeral parlour

  • Private visitation rooms
  • Temporary body viewing


  • Transport of the deceased prior to casketing
  • Transport of the deceased after the casketing

Services +

Many people find prearranging their own funeral or cremation service is a wise decision they can make for themselves and their family.
We have partnered with Le Vœuto give you the opportunity the be informed about your options so you can select and specify the services that most suit your personal wishes.

Why prearrange your funeral?
Preplanning prevents your family from having to make considerable financial and logistical choices while under emotional duress. By doing so, you also ensure that your family will be guaranteed to have the service you would have wanted on that important day. One of our funeral arranging personnel will discuss your requirements in confidence with you. All other details will be discussed before your receive in writing a poposal for your own tailored funeral arrangement.
Why choose a funeral contract from Le Vœu?
Low taxation and tailored financing to name a few, these contracts bring a complete guarantee. They include an annual reset of the death benefit guarantee amount and a domestic and international assistance insurance.
What set those contracts apart?
Funeral contracts from Le Vœu come with a variety of options to suit each individual's wishes and needs.
The big advantage of these contracts is that they are service procurement agreements with a testamentary value, which is not necessarily the case for other types of insurance products or funeral saving plans.

Planned funeral contact

Service procurement agreements with a testamentary value

  • Free estimates
  • Onsite calls

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